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Al Lotspeich, CPA

We focus on your goals with guidance and strategies to achieve successful results.


We believe in teaching our clients how to understand their own financial picture and become goal oriented.


We help our clients develop a variety of strategies including, but not limited to:


• Business expansion and planning

• Business profitability

• Cash management

• Estate planning

• Personal financial planning

• Business succession planning

• Overall tax planning strategies

• Individual transactions


We go beyond compliance accounting
and taxes



Achieving your goals requires strategy, guidance and teamwork.


We have learned to listen to our clients to find out what they want before applying our accounting, tax and financial strategy skills.


We focus on the greater decision of your financial planning needs.


Our perspective is on your long-term goals. We use this perspective to look at your current financial picture and to provide solutions on how to get you from point A to point B and beyond.


To do this effectively, we give our clients personalized attention. Alan Lotspeich, CPA, is the focal point of your contact in this office and tailors the